Chaos Storm
Level 16 Blaster
XP 1400

A churning mass of raw chaos rolls across the battlefield, leaving nothing unchanged by its presence.

Hazard: A swirling mass of multicolored energy fills a single square but has tendrils that reach into every square within 3 squares of its central mass.Perception     The effects of a chaos storm are obvious as it moves through an area.Initiative +10AttackNo Action      Close burst 3
Effect A chaos storm is a zone. Each round on its turn, the origin square of the zone slides 2d6 squares in a random direction as a move action. The storm has the following effects on creatures and objects in its burst:     A creature teleports 1d6 squares in a random direction(roll 1d8 to determine direction) and takes 2d12 psychic damage. Slaads are immune to this effect.     An unattended object that is not native to the Elemental Chaos is teleported as if it were a creature.     A significant terrain feature, made of a singular elementalsubstance or energy and entirely contained within the burst, is transformed into a different kind of elemental substance or energy (DM’s discretion). For example, a floating chunk of ice engulfed by the storm might become a ball of fire or an orb of acid. A geyser of acid could become a gout of cold or a spray of magma. The general effects of the terrain feature might remain similar or change dramatically, at the DM’s option.Countermeasures     Intelligence DC 20: A character can attempt a check as a standard action to ward off the effects of the storm. On a success, the character becomes stabilized and is immune to the storm’s teleportation and damage until the start of the character’s next turn.

Published in Manual of the Planes, page(s) 67.