Cloud of Elemental Steam
Level 14 Blaster
XP 1000

A cloud of scalding steam drifts across the battlefield, seemingly attracted to living creatures.

Hazard: This 3-square-by-3-square zone of shifting, almost sentient steam seeks out and scalds creatures that venture too close to its deadly wisps.Perception     DC 23: The character notices the cloud of steam before moving within 6 squares of it, and recognizes that it is moving.Initiative +6TriggerThe cloud of steam rolls initiative when a creature moves within 6 squares of it.Attack • Fire, ZoneNo Action      Close burst 2
Effect The cloud of steam is a zone. Each round on its turn, the middle square of the zone slides 5 squares toward the nearest creature as a move action. Creatures that start their turn within the zone take 2d8+6 fire damage. Squares within the zone are heavily obscured.

Published in Manual of the Planes, page(s) 67.