Crumbling Ledges
Level 16 Warder
XP 1400

Open ledges of crumbling stone offer the only access to the chasm below.

Hazard: A character moving on a stone ledge triggers a collapse.Perception     DC 13: A character feels the rock of the ledge shift with any movement.Trigger       The hazard attacks when a creature enters one of the ledges.
AttackImmediate Reaction      Melee
Target: The creature that triggered the hazard.Attack: +19 vs. ReflexHit: The ledge collapses. The target drops to the bottom of the chasm, takes falling damage (based on the elevation of the ledge the character is on) and lands in the shadow pool.Miss: The ledge collapses. The target returns to the last space it occupied adjacent to the ledge and ends its movement.Effect: The collapsed ledge remains an open area.Countermeasures     A character adjacent to a ledge can make a DC 23 Athletics check or Thievery check as a standard action to trigger the hazard in that location, intentionally collapsing the ledge.
     A character can make an Athletics check to jump away from a crumbling ledge (DC 10 per square, or DC 5 with a running start) to a place of safety.
     A Small or smaller character gains a +2 bonus to Reflex against the hazard’s attack.
     At your discretion, a character who reduces his or her weight by dropping armor and other gear gains a +1 bonus to Reflex against the hazard’s attack.

Published in Tomb of Horrors, page(s) 68.