Cursed Idol
Level 5 Obstacle
XP 350

A tendril of dark mist snakes out from the octopus idol and solidifies into a black, oily tentacle.

Hazard: This trap consists of the squares adjacent to each idol. When a creature steps into the area of this attack, a magical tentacle appears and attacks the creature.Perception     DC 22: The creature notices the dark tendrils of mist slowly seething amid the idol’s stone tentacles.     DC 26: The creature can see which squares are in range of the tendrils.Religion     DC 22: The character’s knowledge provides a +2 bonus to Thievery checks to disable the trap.TriggerWhen a creature enters or begins its turn in a trapped square, the trap attacks. Creatures which begin their turn already restrained by the trap aren’t attacked again.AttackOpportunity Action      Melee 0
Target: Creature in trapped squareAttack: +8 vs. FortitudeHit: 1d10+4 damage, and the target is restrained (save ends).Countermeasures     Thievery DC 22: A character who makes a successful Thievery check can locate the tiny vents which emit the mist and plug them with mud or some other substance.
     Acrobatics DC 26: A character who makes a successful Acrobatics check can move through a trigger square without provoking the attack. The squares count as difficult terrain.
     Religion DC 26: A character within 3 squares who makes a successful Religion check as a standard action can suppress the curse until the end of his next turn.

Published in Dungeon Magazine 181.