Death Forest
Level 24 Obstacle
XP 6050

Tree sculptures in the area whip out with their longest branches to entangle those who pass.

Trap: The trap consist of six to eight trees spaced 3 to 4 squares apart, so that their reach is continuous or overlaps with occasional gaps.Perception     DC 27: The character notices a few runes faintly etched in the brass.Arcana     DC 35: The character recognizes that the runes could provide animation, but they aren’t sufficient to make the trees mobile.TriggerWhen a creature moves or starts its turn within 2 squares of a tree, that tree attacks.AttackOpportunity Action      Melee reach 2
Target: Triggering creatureAttack: +28 vs. ACHit: 1d10 + 5 damage, and the target is grabbed.Countermeasures     A character can attack a tree (AC 36; Defenses 36; hp 30). When reduced to 0 hit points, the tree collapses, creating difficult terrain in its square and all adjacent squares.
     Arcana DC 25: Standard action. An adjacent character can delay a tree by interfering with the runes.
     Arcana DC 28: Standard action. An adjacent character can disable the trap by destroying the runes.

Published in Dungeon Magazine 160, page(s) 75.