Death Strangler Statue
Level 16 Blaster
XP 1400

This statue is of a masked humanoid holding wicked-looking spiked chains in each hand. When a creature approaches, it comes alive, lashing out with its chains.

Trap: When the trap is triggered, this Medium statue lashes its chains at nearby enemies, holding them in place and slowly squeezing the life out of them.Perception     DC 20: Just before a character enters the statue’s attack area, the character notices that the statue moves slightly, as if it were ready to pounce.     DC 25: The character notices a group of spidery runes carved lightly on the statue’s base.Arcana     DC 25: The character realizes that the statue is made with the help of magic, and it might be dangerous or even animate in nature.     DC 28: An Arcana check to detect magic sees an arcane aura that surrounds the trap (5 squares in every direction) and recognizes that this might be a trigger area for an effect.Initiative +2TriggerWhen an enemy enters the magical aura radiating 5 squares around the statue, the statue animates and attacks that creature with the following attack, but as an immediate reaction instead of a standard action. Then roll for the statue’s initiative. It acts each round on that turn, until no creature is within its trigger area.Attack * NecroticImmediate Reaction      Melee 5
or Standard Actionor Opportunity Actionor Free ActionTarget: One creatureAttack: +19 vs. ReflexHit: 1d10 + 7 damage, and the target is restrained and takes ongoing 10 necrotic damage.Special: The statue can have only two creatures restrained at one time, and if two are restrained, it cannot make another attack until it releases a creature or a creature escapes. The statue can release a creature from being restrained at any time with a free action.Countermeasures     Athletics DC 25 or Acrobatics DC 25: A restrained character can use an escape action to free himself and end the necrotic damage.
     Arcana DC 20: As a standard action, a creature adjacent to the statue can disrupt the controlling enchantment with a successful check. Doing so renders the statue inert until the start of that creature’s next turn and causes the statue to release any creatures it currently has restrained. If this check fails by 5 or more, the statue can instead make the above attack against the creature, but as an opportunity action instead of a standard action.
     Arcana DC 20: Succeeding on a complexity 1 skill challenge (4 successes before 3 failures) using either Thievery or Arcana successfully disables the statue. The characters disabling the statue must be adjacent to it. Each attempt takes a standard action, and with each failure, the statue can make an attack as a free action against the failing creature (if it already has two creatures restrained, it releases one before making this attack).
     The statue has AC 10, Reflex 10, Fortitude 28, and hp 200. When it is reduced to 0 hit points, the trap is destroyed.

Published in Dungeon Master's Guide 2, page(s) 70.