Defaced Devourer
Level 19 Obstacle
XP 2400

The mouth of the Devourer flares with an infernal light.

Trap: Taken from the abandoned Tomb above, the visage of the Devourer has been set here and enchanted with powerful wards that are both a trap and a means of gaining access to Moghadam’s sanctum.Perception     The characters cannot learn anything about this trap by using Perception.Arcana     DC 27: A character recognizes that the Devourer’s mouth is a well of arcane energy that is set to lash out at any creatures that approach it.Initiative +2Trigger       When both keys are fitted to the Devourer’s eyes, the trap rolls initiative and attacks.
Attack * NecroticStandard Action      Close burst 5
Target: Each creature in burstAttack: +20 vs. ReflexHit: 3d8 necrotic damage, and the target is dominated (save ends). While the target is dominated, it makes at-will attacks against its allies.
    Aftereffect: A hazy eldritch simulacrum of the target appears in a square adjacent to it. The duplicate is functionally identical to the target, possessing all its weapons and gear. A simulacrum is immune to the effect of the Devourer. A simulacrum and its gear are destroyed when it is reduced to 0 hit points.
    An eldritch simulacrum rolls initiative when it appears, entering combat in the following round. The Devourer can create more than one simulacrum of the same character, but can’t create more than four simulacra in total.
Countermeasures     As an immediate interrupt, a character in the burst can make a DC 27 Acrobatics check to minimize the effect of the Devourer’s attack. With a successful check, the character takes half damage if the Devourer hits, and the character is not dominated. The character takes no damage if the Devourer misses.
     The characters can engage in a skill challenge to disable the trap: DC 22 Arcana or Thievery; complexity 2 (requires 6 successes before 3 failures); success safely disables the trap; failure disables the trap but causes an explosion of arcane essence: close burst 10; on a hit, 4d10 damage, and the target loses a healing surge.
     A character can make a DC 22 Athletics check or Acrobatics check to leap or climb onto the Devourer. A character doing so is subject to an extra attack by the trap (an immediate reaction), but that character gains a +2 bonus to Thievery checks and Arcana checks while he or she remains on the Devourer.
     The characters must attack the Devourer to destroy it. The great stone face has Fortitude 33, other defenses 29, and 300 hit points. If the Devourer is destroyed before being disabled, it makes one last attack with a +5 bonus to the attack roll. If the trap is disabled first, the Devourer can be destroyed without causing it to make this final attack.
     Once the trap is disabled, the characters can make a DC 28 Athletics check to move the Devourer aside and reveal the opening beyond. (The stone image is large enough for up to four characters to provide aid on this check.)

Published in Tomb of Horrors, page(s) 111.