Demon Face Idol
Level 6 Warder
XP 250

The leering face of a demon has been carved into the stone wall of this temple.

Trap: The demon face idol hangs in 1 square on a wall or a pillar. It provides enemies with a view of the area, and aids the servants of its abyssal master in combat.Perception     No Perception check is necessary to notice the idol.Arcana (trained only)     DC 12: The idol is magic, and it reacts to any creature’s approach.     DC 17: Another creature sees through the idol’s eyes, watching all who pass.Initiative +5TriggerThe trap activates and rolls initiative when any enemy enters a square within 5 squares of it, or when a character makes a failed Thievery check or attacks the idol (see below). When the idol activates, one creature linked to it becomes aware of the presence of every creature within 5 squares of the idol.AttackStandard Action      Close blast 5
Target: Each enemy in blastAttack: +10 vs. WillHit: The idol pushes the target 4 squares. If the target ends this movement next to an ally of the demon face idol, that ally can make a melee basic attack against the target as an opportunity action.Special: The trap treats all nondemons that are not part of the idol’s demon cult as enemies. It treats all members of the cult and their allies as its allies.Countermeasures     Stealth DC 17: By making a Stealth check, a character can move within 5 squares of the idol without activating it or alerting the creature linked to it.
     Thievery DC 17: A character adjacent to the idol can make a Thievery check (as a standard action) to disable the trap until the start of the character’s next turn. Three successful Thievery checks destroy the trap.
    If the trap has not yet been activated, a failed Thievery check activates it (as above).
     A character can attack the idol (AC 22, Reflex 22, Fortitude 21, 21 hit points). Doing so activates the trap (as above). Destroying the idol ends its threat.

Published in Demonomicon, page(s) 36.