Dragon-Eye Disintegrator Beams
Level 30 Solo Blaster
XP 95000

A white spotlight-beam emerges from the eyes of each dragon, transfixing each flying creature in the room.

Hazard: Every creature who moves higher than 10 feet above the floor of the fountain chamber gets hit by disintegrator beams.Perception     No check is required to see the glowing eyes on each dragon-head entrance.Arcana     DC 30: The eye-beams will disintegrate anything that flies upward toward Tiamat’s platform.     DC 35: Tampering with the eye-beams may trigger them, but they draw energy from a powerful life-force beyond the dragon-doors.TriggerWhen a creature moves into or starts its turn in a square more than 10 feet above the floor.AttackOpportunity Action      Ranged 150
Target: Every creature in range within the forbiddance zone other than Tiamat.Attack: +40 vs. ReflexHit: 10d10 + 100 damage and 3d6 healing surges. A creature reduced to 0 hit points by the disintegrator’s damage is destroyed; it has been reduced to a pile of fine gray dust.Countermeasures     Killing all five brood mothers disables the disintegrator beams.
     Arcana DC 40 or Thievery DC 40: Four successes at an Arcana or Thievery check disables one dragon-head disintegrator, but each attempt, successful or not, triggers the beams against every creature in the chamber except Tiamat, including those on the ground.

Published in Dungeon Magazine 175, page(s) 19.