Dragontooth Passageway
Level 7 Lurker
XP 300

Fang-shaped blades arc out of a slit in the floor to slice into those that pass through this hallway.

Trap: A section of hallway—up to 4 squares by 1 square—contains a slit in the floor that giant blades slice through. A beam of light spans the corridor as a trigger.Perception     DC 14: The character notices the slit in the floor where the blades are hidden.     DC 19: The character notices illuminated dust in the air where the triggering light shines through.Insight     DC 14: A character notices an enemy moving oddly to avoid crossing the beam of light.TriggerWhen a character moves into a trapped square and breaks a beam of light, a rotating blade comes out of the floor and slices through all the trapped squares.AttackOpportunity Action      Melee
Targets: Each creature in the trapped squaresAttack: +12 vs. ACHit: 1d12 + 5 damage.Countermeasures     Athletics DC 25: A creature that flies or jumps 5 feet above the trapped squares does not trigger the trap. Jumping it requires a succesful check (with a running start). A failed check triggers the trap.
     Acrobatics DC 19 or Acrobatics DC 14: A creature can make an Acrobatics check to avoid the blades or a simpler Acrobatics check if it is aware of the beam of light and avoids that instead. A failed check triggers the trap.
     Athletics DC 15: A character can climb around the trapped squares with a successful check. This climb takes 6 squares of movement.
     Invisible creatures do not break the light beam, so they do not trigger the trap.

Published in Draconomicon: Metallic Dragons, page(s) 56.