Drowning Vault
Level 15 TrapXP 1200

Detect see Countermeasures

Initiative +8

Immune attacks

Triggered Actions

Seal the Vault Encounter

Trigger: A creature steps onto a stairway.

Effect (Immediate Reaction): A stone slab crashes down to seal the exit, and the trap rolls initiative. On the trap’s next turn, a pillar of stone corkscrews up from the floor, hoisting the chest to balcony level and exposing it to the statues’ gaze.

Flooding Chest At-Will

Trigger: A creature or statue looks at the chest.

Effect (Immediate Reaction): A geyser of water erupts from within the chest, flooding the hall from the ground up at a rate of 2 feet every round.


Detect: Perception or Dungeoneering DC 30 (minor action). Success: The character notices that the staircase is trapped, and a slab of stone is rigged to seal the exit.

Delay: Athletics DC 25 (standard action). Requirement: The character must be adjacent to the chest. Success: The character forces the lid down until the start of his or her next turn, delaying the flooding by 1 round.

Disable: The trap resets only when the trigger condition is not met. When the trap resets, the pillar lowers down to the ground, the slab over the exit rises, and grates in the floor open to drain the room of water.

Published in Dungeon Magazine 209.