Elemental Rift
Level 28 Blaster
XP 13000

The cavern is split in two by a great rift surging with pure elemental energy.

Hazard: The rift surges with raw elemental power, making it dangerous to creatures that get too close. In addition, the presence of creatures other than elementals causes the rift to flare up, creating a deadly hazard.Perception     No Perception check is necessary to notice the elemental rift.Initiative +24TriggerThe elemental rift is triggered and rolls initiative when any creature that does not have the elemental origin approaches within 2 squares of it.AttackStandard Action      Ranged 10
Target: 1d4 random creatures that do not have the elemental origin in range.Attack: +31 vs. ReflexHit: 2d8 + 10 cold, fire, and lightning damage, and the target is dazed (save ends).Special: Once triggered, the elemental rift floods the cavern with unnaturally bright light. Any creature with darkvision must make a DC 26 Endurance check at the start of each of its turns or be dazed. Once a creature makes a successful check, it is immune to this effect. Elemental creatures are immune to this effect.Countermeasures     Arcana DC 28: With an Arcana check (a minor action), a character gains a +2 bonus to Reflex against the elemental rift’s next attack.

Published in Dungeon Magazine 174, page(s) 42.