Eye of Zaggoth
Level 27 Solo Blaster
XP 55000

This fist-sized crystal is cut to resemble a beholder.

Trap: The Eye of Zaggoth is an octagonal or circular room with one door and a pedestal in the center. It has eight segments, as the tactical map shows.Perception     DC 30: The character notices an odd seam around the room’s perimeter at the base of the wall. The floor seems circular, rather than conforming to the octagonal room.Arcana     DC 33: The character recognizes the gem for what it is.Dungeoneering     DC 30: Requires success on the Perception check.
The character notices the floor isn’t attached to the walls. It’s possible this room can rotate or otherwise move away from the walls.
Initiative +21TriggerThe trap activates and rolls initiative when a specific condition is met. Attack 1 occurs on the trap’s initial initiative count, attack 2 occurs on a count 5 points lower, and attack 3 occurs on a count 10 lower.Attack 1Standard Action      Close burst 5 centered on pedastal
Target: Creatures in blastAttack: +32 vs. WillHit: The target is dazed until the end of its next turn.Attack 2Standard Action      Close blast 5 originating adjacent to the pedestal
Special Each round, roll 1d8 to determine which segment of the room the blast’s origin square is in. The blast is oriented in that square to include as many PCs as possible.Target: Creatures in blastAttack: +32 vs. (see defense below)Special Roll 1d8 for the effect.
1—(Reflex; Radiant): 2d10 + 9 radiant damage and ongoing 10 radiant damage (save ends).
2—(Reflex; Necrotic): 2d12 + 9 necrotic damage, and ongoing 10 necrotic damage (save ends).
3—(Will; Psychic): 3d8 + 7 psychic damage, and the target falls unconscious (save ends).
4—(Will; Charm): 4d6 + 8 psychic damage, and the target makes a basic attack against the nearest ally, moving or charging if necessary.
5—(Fortitude, Cold): 3d10 + 9 cold damage, and the target is restrained (save ends)
6—(Reflex): The target is slowed (save ends). First Failed Saving Throw: The target is immobilized instead of slowed (save ends). Second Failed Saving Throw: The target is petrified (save ends).
7—(Fortitude; Necrotic): 3d10 + 9 necrotic damage, and if the target is bloodied it is dazed (save ends). First Failed Saving Throw: The target is dazed and weakened (save ends).
8—(Will): 3d10 + 9 damage, and ongoing 10 damage (save ends). Aftereffect: Ongoing 5 damage (save ends).
Attack 3Immediate Reaction or Standard Action      Close burst 5 centered on the pedestal
Trigger A creature moves or starts its turn adjacent to the door.Special This attack can occur twice per round—once as an immediate interrupt and once as a standard action on this attack’s turn. The floor rotates 1d8 – 1 sections each time this attack goes off. Move the door to its new section, rather than moving the room’s occupants.Target: Creatures in the roomAttack: +32 vs. FortitudeHit: 2d10 damage, and the target is knocked prone.Countermeasures     Perception DC 33: Minor action. The character discerns the area that the next blast targets.
     Thievery DC 32: Standard action. The character works to detach the eye from the pedestal. Four successful checks are required to remove the eye and disable the trap.
     * A character can attack the eye (AC 43, Defenses 40; hp 400). When reduced to 0 hit points, the eye explodes in a close burst 5, attacking every creature in the area with Attack 2 (version 6, petrification). However, the petrified condition on this version of that attack allows no save. Destroying the eye disables the trap.

Published in Dungeon Magazine 160, page(s) 86.