Far Realm Star Trap (Elite)
Level 26 Elite Blaster
XP 18000

Light bends strangely in the room due to dimensional distortion. Motes that resemble starlight bob up and down in six places throughout the area.

Trap: When a creature enters a square that has a mote of starlight, that light attaches itself to the creature and begins to burn. Each round, another mote is drawn to the afflicted creature; when all six motes are on the creature, the motes explode.Perception     No Perception check is needed to notice the motes, unless they are hidden.Arcana     DC 26: The character identifies the nature of the starlight motes, and realizes that if all six latch on to the same creature, they’ll explode.TriggerWhen a creature enters a square with a mote in it or starts its turn there, the mote makes the following attack. If the attack is successful, the starlight mote latches on. At the start of a creature’s turn, if it has at least one mote upon it, the nearest mote moves to enter the creature’s space and makes the same attack, attempting to latch on to that creature.Attack * RadiantOpportunity Action      Melee 1
Target: One creatureAttack: +31 vs. ReflexHit: 1d8 + 9 radiant damage, and the mote latches on to the target. While a mote is latched on to a creature, that creature is dazed, and at the start of its turn it takes 1d8 + 9 radiant damage. The mote is removed when it is destroyed (see Countermeasures) or when the target or a creature adjacent to the target succeeds on a DC 20 Athletics check to pull the mote off the target. A mote that is pulled off occupies the target’s square, but for every 5 points by which the check result exceeds 20, the creature removing the mote can push the mote 1 square.Secondary TriggerWhen all six star motes latch on to the same creature, they make the following attack.    Opportunity Action Close blast 5    Target: Each creature in blast    Attack: +31 vs. Reflex    Hit: 4d8 + 10 radiant damage, and the target is knocked prone.    Miss: Half damage.    Effect: All the motes are destroyed.Countermeasures     The starlight motes are bound to a particular location, and while that location can be somewhat large, the motes do not pass its boundaries. If a creature with attached motes leaves the area, the motes unlatch at the boundary.
     Arcana DC 31: A check made as a standard action by a creature sharing the same space with a mote or adjacent to one can calm it for a short time. With a success, the mote unlatches from a creature (if it is attached) and does not move or attack until the end of the next turn of the creature that succeeded on the check.
     Each mote has AC 33, Reflex 33, Fortitude 30, hp 75, and immune radiant. While attached to a creature, a mote gains a +5 bonus to AC and Reflex.

Published in Dungeon Master's Guide 2, page(s) 74.