Fire-Spewing Bed
Level 2 TrapXP 125

Detect Perception DC 20

Initiative -

HP 15

AC 10, Fortitude 5, Reflex 5, Will -

Immune necrotic, poison, psychic, radiant, forced movement, all conditions, ongoing damage

Triggered Actions

Attack (fire)

Trigger: A creature moves the bed, or more than 20 pounds of weight is placed on the bed.

Attack (No Action): Close burst 1 (creatures in the burst); +5 vs. Reflex

Hit: 4d6 fire damage, and ongoing 5 fire damage (save ends).

Miss: Half damage.

Effect: The bed and trap are destroyed.


Disable: Thievery DC 20 (standard action). Success: The trap is disarmed. Failure (15 or less): The trap is triggered.

Published in Halls of Undermountain, page(s) 32.