Force Cascade
Level 22 Lurker
XP 4150

The ghostly shape of an enormous part of the ceiling crashes down, leaving the actual ceiling intact. When it strikes the floor, it explodes in a cascade of light.

Perception     DC 28: The character sees faint blue lines of energy trace through the ceiling above the golems, brightest around each one’s upraised hand. Succeeding on this check allows the Arcana check.Arcana     DC 30: The character discerns that golems aren’t supporting the ceiling with their upraised hands. Instead, they’re holding back a magical force, which could be unleashed if the creature stops touching the ceiling.Dungeoneering     DC 20: The character knows the ceiling is stable.TriggerIf a golem is destroyed or falls away from the ceiling for any reason, the trap attacks, limited to the area noted on the map around the fallen golem.Attack • ZoneImmediate Reaction      Close burst 2
Target: Creatures in the areaAttack: +25 vs. ReflexHit: 2d12 + 7 force damageMiss: Half damageSustain Standard The force cascade attacks each round, just after the initiative count of the PC whose action triggered the trap. It targets a square adjacent to the corner of the golem’s original position, targeting a different square each round.Countermeasures     Arcana DC 24: After the trap triggers, a successful Arcana check stops the trap from triggering in one of the indicated areas only.
     Perception DC 24: The character who uses a minor action and succeeds on the check can see where the cascade falls next.
     * Dispel magic against Will 35 ends the trap’s effect.

Published in Dungeon Magazine 160, page(s) 69.