Force Pods
Level 20 Blaster
XP 2800

The nearby pods suddenly expand and pulse with power, sending a forceful wave of green energy rolling over the area.

Hazard: When an enemy comes within 2 squares of a pod, all pods start to exude smoke and expand (see Trigger below). Pods can distinguish among enemies and allies. A single force pod hazard includes four Large pods placed near each other.Perception     The pods are obvious, but the danger is not.Arcana     DC 25: The character recognizes the nature of the force pod, but not how to disable it.Insight     DC 28: The character feels and alien fear from the pods and understands the force pulses are a defensive reaction. This opens the possibility of the second countermeasure.Initiative +8TriggerWhen an enemy comes within 2 squares of a pod, the hazard reacts and rolls initiative. The pods continue to detonate each round until disabled or until no enemy is within 2 squares.AttackStandard Action      Close burst 2
Target: Enemies in the burstAttack: +23 vs. ReflexHit: 2d6 + 7 force damage, and the target is pushed 3 squares and knocked prone.Countermeasures     A character can attack a pod (AC 34, other defenses 32; 45 hp). Destroying a pod disables that part of the hazard.
     Diplomacy DC 30: This is available only if a PC succeeds on the Insight check above. An adjacent character can disable a single force pod with a successful Diplomacy or Insight check, made as a standard action to project calm feelings at the pod. The pod reactivates if it or any other pod is attacked.

Published in Dungeon Magazine 159, page(s) 37.