Garden of Rot
Level 15 Obstacle
XP 1200

A grove of ten-foot-tall mushrooms is permeated by a haze of sickly fog.

Hazard: The toxic haze of a garden of rot is deadly to creatures that enter it. The garden fills a 5-square-by-5-square area and is difficult terrain.Perception     No Perception check is needed to notice the garden of rot.Nature     DC 18: The plants and mushrooms in this garden carry the taint of the Abyss. The haze that fills the garden is a shifting cloud of spores.     DC 23: The abyssal power permeating this garden of rot allows demons and undead creatures to lurk safely within it. Only fire can burn away this infestation.TriggerThe trap attacks whenever a creature enters the area or starts its turn there.AttackOpportunity Action      Close burst 1 centered on the triggering creature
Target: Each enemy in burstAttack: +18 vs. FortitudeHit: 2d6 + 8 poison damage, and the target cannot see more than 3 squares (save ends).Special: The hazard treats all nondemons that are not part of Zuggtmoy’s cult as enemies. It treats all members of the cult and their allies as its allies.Countermeasures     Nature DC 23: As a minor action, a creature can make a Nature or Perception check to seek the safest path through the garden. With a successful check, the creature can move completely through the hazard (assuming it has enough movement to do so). The creature is subject to the above attack at the end of its move even if it has left the area of the hazard.
     A garden of rot can be attacked to destroy it. Each square of the garden has AC 22, Reflex 22, Fortitude 21, and 50 hit points. The fungi of the garden are immune to all damage other than fire damage.

Published in Demonomicon, page(s) 38.