Gates of Winter
Level 16 Lurker
XP 1400

The ambient temperature drops sharply, and hoarfrost gleams ahead. All is quiet . . . until a wall of ice rises violently before you.

Hazard: On the hazard’s turn, a wall of jagged ice rises from the ground. This hazard has a single origin square, but its effect is widespread.Perception     No check is necessary to notice the area of the hazard. Between the triggering of the hazard and its attack, creatures can see the frost on the ground shift, rise, and crack.     DC 25: The character notices an area of thick frost, which is the hazard’s origin square.Arcana     DC 25: If the character is aware of the thick frost in the origin square, he or she recognizes the hazard’s nature.Initiative +2TriggerThe hazard normally triggers when a creature without the cold keyword comes within 20 squares of the origin square while the origin square has line of effect to that creature. Other triggers are possible. When triggered, the hazard rolls initiative. On its turn, the hazard creates an ice wall in a random part of the encounter area.AttackStandard Action      Area wall 10 within 20 squares
Countermeasures     Acrobatics DC 20 or Athletics DC 25: A character can make an Acrobatics check or an Athletics check as an opportunity action when the wall appears in that character’s space; if the check succeeds, the character can shift 2 squares away from the wall and make a saving throw to avoid being knocked prone. A character who is normally allowed a saving throw to avoid being knocked prone gains a +2 bonus to the roll.
     Arcana DC 20 or Nature DC 20: With an Arcana check or Nature check made as a minor action, a character can determine the rough shape and location of the next wall.
     Arcana DC 22: A character can attempt an Arcana check as an immediate interrupt when the wall appears; if the check succeeds, the character places 1 square of the wall in a different contiguous square. The wall cannot enter the original square. For every 5 points by which the check result beats the DC, the character can alter the location of 1 extra square.
     Arcana DC 25: With an Arcana check as a standard action, a character can siphon energy from the origin square. After three such successful checks, the hazard is disabled for 24 hours.
     Athletics DC 20: A character who makes an Athletics check as part of a move action can smash through part of the wall, leaving a hole and treating the square as difficult terrain instead of blocking terrain. The character takes 1d6 + 6 cold damage for moving through the wall this way.

Published in The Plane Below, page(s) 19.