Gorgon Mud (Elite)
Level 8 Elite Obstacle
XP 700

This viscous green mud forms pockets in bogs and soft ground. It erupts around those who disturb it to clutch at their feet, then hardens into an earthen prison.

Hazard: This hazard consists of 10 squares positioned in a larger field of mud or soft earth. The hazard affects any creature that enters one of its squares.Perception     DC 21: The character can discern if any adjacent squares contain gorgon mud.Arcana     DC 16: The character recognizes the hazard’s nature.TriggerWhen a creature enters a square of gorgon mud, the hazard attacks.AttackOpportunity Action      Melee
Target: The triggering creatureSpecial: A creature that has earth walk or that is immune to petrification is immune to the effect of gorgon mud.Attack: +11 vs. FortitudeHit: The target is immobilized (save ends). First Failed Saving Throw: The target is restrained (save ends). Second Failed Saving Throw: The target is petrified. The target’s allies must physically break away the hardened mud (AC 2; Reflex 2, Fortitude 15; hp 90). Each attack that deals damage to the hardened mud deals the same amount of damage to the trapped target (reduced by the petrified condition’s resist 20 to all damage).Miss: The target is slowed (save ends).Countermeasures     Athletics DC 16: A character can make a check to grant himself or herself or an adjacent creature a +2 bonus to the next saving throw against the mud’s effect.
     Arcana DC 21: A character who makes a successful check siphons the elemental energy from the mud, rendering inert 1 square, plus 1 square for every 5 points by which the check result beats the DC.

Published in The Plane Below, page(s) 18.