Hellfire Spout
Level 8 Blaster
XP 350

Two bizarre symbols blast nonbelievers each round once triggered.

Trap: A blast of hellfire erupts from a symbol in a blaze of flame and heat.Perception     No check is necessary to notice the symbols.TriggerWhen a character enters the blast area of one of the hellfire spouts, the trap makes its first attack as an immediate reaction. It then enters the initiative order directly after the creature that triggered it, attacking each round.AttackImmediate Reaction or Standard Action      Close blast 3
Targets Creatures in blastAttack: +10 vs. ReflexHit: 3d8 + 4 fire damage and ongoing 5 fire damage (save ends).Miss: Half damage, and no ongoing damage.Countermeasures     Thievery DC 21: An adjacent character can delay one hellfire spout with a successful check.
     Thievery DC 24: An adjacent character can disable one hellfire spout with a successful check.
     Religion DC 21: A character within 5 squares of a hellfire spout can disable it with a successful check.
     A character can attack a symbol with radiant damage (AC 18, other defenses 16; hp 70). Destroying the symbol disables the spout.

Published in Dungeon Magazine 157, page(s) 99.