Icefang Pit
Level 16 Elite ObstacleXP 2800

Detect automatic

Initiative -

Triggered Actions

Icy Tendrils (cold) At-Will

Trigger: A creature that lacks the cold keyword enters or starts its turn in a space within 2 squares of the pit but not inside it.

Attack (Opportunity Action): Melee 2 (the triggering creature); +19 vs. Fortitude

Hit: The target is pulled into the pit, takes 4d10 damage, takes ongoing 10 cold damage and is restrained (save ends both), and falls prone.


Detect: Arcana or Dungeoneering DC 22: Success: The character ascertains that the tendrils of mist rising from the pit are part of a trap, and that they might attack a creature that comes within 2 squares of the pit.

Detect: Arcana or Dungeoneering DC 31: Success: The character knows that the pit will not attack creatures that have the cold keyword.

Detect: Perception DC 22: Success: The mist tendrils seem to be grasping at the air.

Avoid Falling: Requirement: A character pulled into the pit can make a saving throw to avoid falling in. Success: The character falls prone at the edge of the pit and takes none of the other effects of a normal hit.

Leap: Athletics DC 22 to jump. Success: The character moves over the pit’s space but is not attacked.

Climb: Athletics DC 22 to scale the pit’s walls.

Published in Dungeon Magazine 199.