Lightning Hallway
Level 5 Obstacle
XP 200

Lightning constantly flares down the length of his hallway, emanating from an iron spike set in the floor on the hallway’s eastern end.

Trap: This field of flickering lightning threatens the entire hallway (18 contiguous squares), rendering it difficult terrain.Perception     No check is necessary to notice the lightning.     DC 22: The character notices the hidden control panel set on the wall at the eastern end of the hallway.Arcana     DC 18: The lightning is attracted to those touching a surface in the room. Jumping, tumbling or flying might allow one to move without attracting the lightning.TriggerWhen a creature moves more than 1 square along a surface in the room, the trap attacks as an opportunity action. The trap attacks a second time if a creature moves more than 6 squares in one turn.AttackStandard Action      Ranged 10
Target: The triggering creature and one other creatureAttack: +9 vs. ReflexHit: 1d8+2 lightning damage and ongoing 5 lightning damge (save ends), and the target is teleported to the empty chamber north of force wall trap.Countermeasures     Arcana DC 22: (Trained only; Immediate Reaction, when the trap attacks) Targets receive +2 to Reflex against the trap’s attack for the duration of the encounter.
     Acrobatics DC 20: (Trained only; Move Action) The character tumbles across the floor, moving without triggering the trap.
     Athletics (Move Action) A character can avoid triggering the trap by jumping from one nontrapped square to another.
     Arcana DC 22: (Standard Action) Six successful checks made on the control panel disables the trap.

Published in Dungeon Magazine 169, page(s) 20.