Lightning Spire
Level 28 Blaster
XP 13000

A spire of black onyx rises from the fractured crystal floor of the cavern, elemental lightning arcing around it.

Hazard: This cavern is a conduit for elemental energy, which erupts periodically from the onyx spire.Perception     No check is necessary to see the lightning arcing around the spire.TriggerWhen a creature moves within 5 squares of a lightning spire, it attacks.AttackOpportunity Action      Close burst 2, centered on the triggering creature
Target: All creatures in burstAttack: +33 vs. FortitudeHit: 3d8 +10 lightning damage, and the target is dazed (save ends).Countermeasures     Arcana DC 33: A character adjacent to the spire can disable it with a successful check. A failed check causes the spire to attack the character trying to disable it.

Published in E3 Prince of Undeath, page(s) 38.