Madness Gas
Level 9 Lurker
XP 400

Fumes fill the air.

Hazard: Fumes fill the air with a noxious madnessinducing poison.Perception     DC 14: The character notices the air is filled with vapor.     DC 19: The character notices the four nozzles spewing the gas into the battlefield.Nature     DC 19: The character identifies the vapor as madness gas.Initiative +5TriggerThe trap rolls for initiative at the start of the encounter, and attacks each creature in the arena each round on its turn.Attack PoisonStandard Action      Special
Target: All creatures in the arenaAttack: +12 vs. FortitudeHit: 1d6 + 5 poison damage, and the target makes a melee basic attack against a random adjacent creature as a free action.Countermeasures     Endurance DC 19: A character can hold his or her breath to avoid the attack, but if the character takes damage, the character must succeed on a successful check or be unable to hold his or her breath until the start of his or her next turn.
     Thievery DC 19: A character can disable a nozzle with a successful check. Once all four nozzles are disabled, the gas clears after its next action.

Published in Dragon Magazine Annual.