Magma Geyser
Level 29 Blaster
XP 15000

A geyser of super-heated, acidic liquid explodes from the ground.

Hazard: The geyser becomes active when triggered. Thereafter, it attacks every round on its initiative.Perception     DC 33: The character notices the bubbling before moving within 6 squares of it.Dungeoneering     DC 28: The character recognizes the danger of magma geysers before moving within 6 squares of it.Initiative +3TriggerThe geyser rolls initiative when one or more characters move within 4 squares of any magma space in the room. Each round on its initiative, it attacks. A particular geyser goes dormant if it misses everyone or if there’s no one in the burst to hit. It’s possible for characters to trigger multiple geysers. They all act on the same initiative, but they might go dormant at different times. If all go dormant, roll a new initiative if another is activated.AttackStandard Action      Close burst 3
Target: Creatures in burstAttack: +32 vs. ReflexHit: 2d8 + 10 fire damage and followup.    Followup: +32 vs. Fortitude    Hit: Ongoing 15 fire damage and blinded (save ends).Miss: Half damage.Countermeasures     Acrobatics DC 28: A character in the burst can minimize the damage of the geyser with a successful check made as an immediate interrupt before the geyser’s attack. With a successful check, the character takes half damage if the geyser hits and no damage if it misses.

Published in Dungeon Magazine 175, page(s) 24.