Mirroring Portal
Level 11 TrapXP 600

Detect Perception or Arcana DC 27


Immune attacks

Triggered Actions

Effect (illusion, lightning) Encounter

Trigger: A creature passes through the doorway without saying the password or carrying the appropriate symbol.

Effect: One minute after the triggering creature passes through the doorway, 1d4 illusory duplicates of the creature emerge from the doorway and unerringly follow the creature. Each duplicate has the same defenses and speed as the triggering creature, and one-quarter of its hit points. The duplicates move toward the triggering creature and can enter its space. If a duplicate enters the triggering creature’s space, the duplicate vanishes and the triggering creature takes 2d6 lightning damage and is dazed until the end of its next turn.


Avoid: Arcana (trained only) DC 27. Success: The character understands the password or the symbol needed to bypass the trap.

Disarm: Arcana (trained only) or Thievery DC 27. Success: The character defaces the right runes to disarm the trap. Failure (22 or lower): The character triggers the trap.

Published in Dungeon Magazine 201.