Mirrors of Dark Visions
Level 26
XP 18000

Glittering mirrors reflect the horrors lurking deep in every hero’s psyche.

Trap: The mirrors are positioned to reflect most parts of the room, since their attack relies on line of sight to targets. Freestanding mirrors act like walls for determining line of sight, line of effect, and cover.Perception     Arcana     DC 28: The character recognizes the mirror as a trap, but not what kind of trap.     DC 32: The character recognizes the mirrors for what they are.Initiative +22TriggerWhen characters take a predetermined action, the mirrors roll initiative twice. They attack one randomly determined PC on each of their initiative counts.Attack • Fear, PsychicStandard Action      Ranged sight
Special This attack doesn’t provoke opportunity attacks.Target: One creatureAttack: +30 vs. WillHit: 2d10 + 4 psychic damage, and the target uses its next turn’s actions to move away from the mirror. It uses the most direct route, provoking opportunity attacks and employing whatever movement modes are necessary to escape.Miss: The target is dazed until the end of its next turn.Countermeasures     A character can attack a mirror (AC 38, Defenses 38; hp 30; regeneration 10).

Published in Dungeon Magazine 160, page(s) 80.