Necrotized Floor
Level 17 Obstacle
XP 1600

The area near the door seems somehow colder and darker than the rest of the cavern.

Trap: The squares in front of the black doors (marked “T” on the map) are charged with necrotic energy. Any creature stepping on the squares is subject to attack.Perception     DC 14: The character can discern that the area seems oddly shadowed and darker than it should be considering the proximity of the torches.Arcana     DC 22: The character recognizes the process by which necrotic energy has been imbued into the stone fl oor in front of the doors, providing a +2 bonus to any Thievery checks made to disable a square.TriggerWhen a creature enters or begins its turn on one of the trapped squares, the trap activates.AttackOpportunity Action      Melee
Target: Creature on a trapped square.Attack: +20 vs. FortitudeHit: 3d8 + 7 necrotic damage. On a critical hit, the target loses one healing surge.Miss: Half damage.Countermeasures     Thievery DC 22: An adjacent character can disable a trapped square with a successful check.

Published in P3 Assault on Nightwyrm Fortress, page(s) 5.