Nerull’s Claws
Level 23 Elite Lurker
XP 10200

The great graven skull is suffused with dread spirits loyal to fallen Nerull.

Trap: Dark spirits held within the graven skull lash out at anyone attempting to replace the gem-keys.Perception     This trap cannot be detected with Perception.Religion     DC 29: Dark spirits dwell within the graven skull.Trigger       A character makes a check in the “Replacing the Gem-Keys” skill challenge while standing on a space occupied by the skull.
AttackOpportunity Action      Melee
Target: Each living creature in a space occupied by the skull.Attack: +28 vs. ACHit: 3d8 + 8 psychic damage, and the target is dazed (save ends).Countermeasures     A character hit by the trap can make a DC 24 Acrobatics check or Religion check as an immediate interrupt. On a successful check, the character takes half damage and is not dazed.

Published in Tomb of Horrors, page(s) 149.