Obsidian Doors
Level 18 TrapXP 2000

Detect automatic


Immune attacks

Triggered Actions

Flame's Curse At-Will

Trigger: The doors are forced open using a Knock ritual or other means.

Effect: Until the doors close again after 1 minute, any creature that walks through the doorway gains vulnerable 10 fire for 24 hours.


Identify: Arcana (trained only) DC 17. The character believes that the doors are magically attuned to fire giants and can be opened only by fire giants—but even so, a Knock ritual should circumvent the magic seal, and a Passwall ritual should allow passage through the doors.

Identify: Arcana (trained only) DC 23. The character confirms that powerful magic cast upon the doors renders them impervious to harm, and realizes that using a Knock ritual on the doors might trigger a magical trap.

Identify: Arcana (trained only) DC 32. The character discerns that opening the doors improperly triggers a trap that renders anyone who passes through the doors vulnerable to fire. Passwall should bypass this effect (see "Countermeasures” below).

Identify: Dungeoneering DC 17. The character realizes that the doors are of dwarven craftsmanship.

Identify: Dungeoneering DC 23. The character notices that the doors fit together almost seamlessly and are airtight.

A Passwall ritual can create a temporary passage through the doors without triggering the trap.

A Remove Affliction ritual can end the trap’s effect on one creature.

Published in Dungeon Magazine 200.