Perilous Archways
Level 14 Obstacle
XP 1000

A featureless white mist roils within each of the stone archways set around the chamber

Trap: Acererak has laid this trap for adventurers who have studied the lore of the Tomb of Horrors and who hope to unravel the workings of what they assume are teleportation circles.Perception     DC 18: A character notes recent footprints leading into and out of arches 1, 2, 6, 8, and 9. These arches are the ones through which the Raven Queen’s servants passed before they deduced that the blind Devourer marks the real exit from this area.Arcana     DC 18: Teleportation magic suffuses each of the arches.Special       If any character steps within 5 feet of an arch, three of its stones glow with a pulsing blue-white light—one at the lower left, one at the lower right, and one at the apex. This effect is of no consequence. (Touching the glowing stones also has no effect, but feel free to roll dice each time as if it does.)
    Do not place the numbers of the arches on the map or indicate them to the players. The fact that every second arch teleports a character is the only clue hinting at the blind Devourer’s true nature.
Trigger       The trap is triggered each time a character steps through an archway. None of the arches offers an exit from this chamber. Instead, each archway is a magic trap whose effects are noted below. Except as indicated, an archway affects a character the same way each time he or she steps through it. A character who cannot be affected by a particular archway (for example, a character with no magic items who steps through archway 5) instead takes 2d10 damage. An even-numbered archway teleports the character directly into the blind Devourer’s open mouth, triggering its attack. See the blind Devourer trap statistics block.
Portal Effects1     The character ages, causing him or her to become weakened and slowed. A Remove Affliction ritual reverses this effect, and the effect slowly wears off after the character reaches his or her third milestone after aging. A character who steps through the archway multiple times in the hope of reversing the effect might well drop dead of old age at your whim. The aging effect could equal one-third of a character’s normal life span.2     The character takes damage equal to his or her healing surge value and is teleported to the blind Devourer.3     The character’s number of healing surges is reduced by one as long as he or she remains within the Shadow Tomb. If the character enters this archway multiple times, the effect is cumulative.4     The character’s size is reduced one category (minimum Tiny), and he or she is teleported to the blind Devourer. The character’s normal-sized gear and clothing is scattered around the Devourer. This effect can be undone with a Remove Affliction ritual, or if the character steps through this archway again while not carrying any gear. A smaller creature’s ability to use its normal equipment and weapons is left to your discretion, but Tiny creatures have limitations in combat.5     The character has a magic item (your choice) teleported to location 11.6     The character’s mundane clothing and armor are destroyed. The characters’ magic armor, shield, and clothing are teleported to location 11. The character is teleported nude (but with weapons and other gear) to the blind Devourer.7     The character becomes dominated (save ends), and he or she attacks allies until the condition ends.8     The character falls unconscious until the start of his or her next turn and is teleported to the blind Devourer. At the start of the next encounter, the character falls unconscious (save ends).9     The character’s head turns into that of a donkey. His or her armor and clothing is modified as necessary, and the character can speak, but the speech is interspersed with brays. Only a Remove Affliction ritual can undo this effect. If the character steps through the arch multiple times in the hope of reversing the effect, the ritual must be performed that same number of times.10     The character is teleported to the blind Devourer and is afterward overcome by the pervasive feeling that something about his or her person or gear has changed. Aside from this feeling, the archway has no effect.

Published in Tomb of Horrors, page(s) 64.