Pivoting Floor and Wall
Level 7 Obstacle
XP 300

Trap: The floor tilts up as the adjacent wall tilts down, sliding characters from the hallway down a sloped chute toward a charnal pit. The wall becomes part of the sloped chute, and the floor becomes a wall that cuts off escape. In essence, this pivoting construction spins so that the floor becomes the wall and a new floor replaces it, so that it can activate each time a new character triggers the effect (see below).Perception     DC 25: The character notices seams along the floor and south wall, as well as scrapes at the bottom of the north wall that hints at the trap’s function.     DC 28: The character also spots a strange characteristic of the southern wall within the trapped area: it is unusually smooth and slick.TriggerWhen a character crosses the trapped squares and reaches the last row of squares on the opposite side of where he or she entered the area, the trap activates. The whole construction spins 90 degrees, so that the wall becomes the chute, the floor becomes the wall, and a new floor snaps into place from below. This trap can only be triggered once per turnAttackimmediate Interrupt      Close blast 4
Targets Creatures in blast (trapped area marked on map)Effect The wall and floor pivot at an amazing rate of speed, hurling creatures from the floor onto the slick wall and down the chute, dealing 1d10 damage. A DC 25 Athletics check halts a slide in one of the last two rows of squares before the pit, otherwise the character falls into the 10-foot-deep pit and takes another 1d10 damage.
When the new floor snaps into place, six charnel rats are scattered atop it, drawn up from the space beneath the floor where the rats swarm and the trap pivots.
Special This trap activates as described above each time a character crosses the trapped squares.

Published in H3 Pyramid of Shadows, page(s) 7.