Portal to Abysm
Level 27 Obstacle
XP 11000

Sibilant whispers rise from the steaming brine pit, urging you to approach.

Trap: The portal to Abysm calls out to enemies of Demogorgon, inciting them to violence and murder.Perception     No Perception check is needed to notice the pit or hear its voice.Insight     DC 25: The character realizes that the voice from the pit is imbued with a raging bloodlust. The character and his or her allies gair a +2 bonus to saving throws against being dominated by the hazard.Special       This effect of the portal is in addition to the brine blast hazard
Trigger       The portal attacks when an enemy ends its turn within 5 squares of it.
AttackOpportunity Action      Ranged 5
Target: One enemyAttack: +31 vs. WillHit: The target is dominated (save ends). The portal forces
the dominated target to attack the target’s allies on each
of its turns.
    Each Failed Saving Throw: The portal pulls the target 2 squares.Special: Any creature that enters the pit makes a saving throw. On a successful saving throw, the portal’s domination is broken (if applicable) and the target is knocked prone in an unoccupied square adjacent to the pit. On a failed saving throw, the target is drawn into the Abyss and transported to Abysm (page 68). The DM determines whether the other side of the portal can be used to return to the cave, and under what circumstances.Countermeasures     If the portal to Abysm is closed, the hazard is deactivated. See the “Closing the Portal” skill challenge.

Published in Demonomicon, page(s) 99.