Punishment Arm
Level 1 TrapXP 100

Detect automatic


HP 25

AC 13, Fortitude 10, Reflex 13, Will

Immune necrotic, poison, psychic, forced movement, all conditions, ongoing damage



The attacking arm of the trap waits in an open and obvious recess adjacent to the trapped square. The recess provides the arm with superior cover.

Regeneration (healing)

The arm regains 5 hit points whenever it starts a round and has at least 1 hit point. If the arm attacks or has a creature grabbed during a given round, its regeneration does not function until the end of the next round.

Triggered Actions

Attack At-Will

Trigger: A creature enters the trapped square or starts its turn there without saying the password or carrying the proper item.

Attack (Opportunity Action): Melee 1 (triggering creature); +6 vs. AC

Hit: 1d8 + 3 damage, and the target is grabbed (escape DC 12). While grabbing a creature, the arm can attack only that creature.


Delay: Arcana (trained only) or Thievery DC 19. Success: The arm cannot emerge from its recess until the end of the encounter. Failure (14 or lower): The character triggers the trap.

Published in Dungeon Magazine 201.