Red Energy Curtain
Level 2 TrapXP 125

Detect see Countermeasures below

Initiative -

Immune attacks

Triggered Actions

Effect (teleportation) At-Will

Trigger: A creature touches an energy curtain or ends it turn adjacent to one.

Effect (No Action): The triggering creature teleports to a random room, appearing in the nearest unoccupied space on the west side of that room’s energy curtain. In addition, the creature makes a saving throw. On a failure, the creature takes 1d8 damage.


Detect: Arcana (standard action). Check Result 13–20: The character deduces that the energy curtains teleport creatures that come into contact with them. Check Result 21 or Higher: The character realizes the curtains also teleport creatures adjacent to them.

Escape: To escape, characters must bring the two scaladar glyphs. Doing so deactivates the energy curtain.

Published in Halls of Undermountain, page(s) 68.