Rock Flingers
Level 14 Blaster
XP 1000

Limited Ammunition
Each trap has a limited number of rocks (four squares in the northern trap, five in the southern). When all rocks are destroyed, the trap is disabled.

TriggerThe trap triggers when a creature moves into a trigger zone or starts its turn in a trigger zone.AttackImmediate Reaction      Ranged 10
Target: The creature that triggered the hazard.Attack: +21 vs. ACHit: 2d8 + 7 damage, and the target is dazed until the end of its next turn.Miss: Half damage.Special One square’s worth of rocks is destroyed (see Limited Ammunition).Countermeasures     A creature adjacent to a square filled with rocks can attack the rocks (AC 10). If a square of rocks takes 10 damage in one hit, it is destroyed (see Limited Ammunition).
     Thievery DC 25: A creature adjacent to a square filled with rocks can make a successful check to destroy one square of rocks.
     Arcana DC 25: A creature can make an successful check to disable the trigger zone until the end of the character’s next turn. (This can be used to give another character or the submersible time to cross the trigger zone).
     A creature can attack the zone with a power that affects zones (such as dispel magic). The zone’s defense is 24 against such attacks. The power has the normal effect it would against a zone.

Published in Dungeon Magazine 158, page(s) 67.