Salt Karst Collapse
Level 21 HazardXP 3200

Detect Dungeoneering or Perception DC 19


Immune attacks

Triggered Actions

Attack Encounter

Trigger: A creature enters the hazard’s space.

Attack (Opportunity Action): Close burst 3 centered on the hazard's space (creatures in burst); +24 vs. Reflex

Hit: 3d10 + 4 damage and the target falls prone, and it is restrained and unable to stand. Until the target escapes (see Countermeasures), it has no line of sight or line of effect to other creatures, and other creatures have no line of effect or line of sight to it. Each time the target ends its turn restrained in this way, it takes 10 damage.

Effect: The burst’s area becomes difficult terrain.


Avoid: Acrobatics, Dungeoneering or Stealth DC 26 (part of a move action to move through the hazard's space). Success: The character can move through the hazard’s space without triggering the attack.

Escape: Athletics or Acrobatics DC 35 (standard action by restrained character). Success: The character escapes.

Rescue: Athletics DC 26 (standard action by a character who is not restrained). Success: The character enables a restrained character to escape.

Published in Dungeon Magazine 215.