Sentient Forest (Elite)
Level 23 Elite Hazard
XP 10200

The very trees writhe and twist, clawing at your warm flesh.

Hazard: So close to the Mantled Citadel, the trees growing on the crag’s flanks have become semi-sentient. While the trees slumber, they do not pose a threat. When they awaken, however, they sense the presence of life and hunger to drink its vital essences.Perception     DC 27: The character notices that the tree branches shudder as the party passes under them.     DC 31: The character gets the sudden impression that the trees are watching the party like a hunter watches its prey.Initiative +8TriggerWhen a character uses a power with the Fire or Radiant keyword, the trees awaken and start to move menacingly. They attack living creatures in the area on the next round.AttackStandard Action      Melee
Targets: 2 creatures within 3 squares of the cliff edge.Attack: +31 vs. ACHit: 3d6 + 8 damage and target is restrained (save ends).Countermeasures     Turn undead causes affected trees to become dormant (no attacks; save ends).
     A character can attack the trees (AC 32, other defenses 27; hp 90; resist 15 all).
     Religion DC 32: A character can make a skill check as a standard action to calm the trees. Two successful checks return the trees to slumber.

Published in Dungeon Magazine 171, page(s) 64.