Shadowseed (Elite)
Level 3 Elite Obstacle
XP 300

Remote caverns and ancient ruins steeped in necrotic energy are the domain of shadowseed, a growth that appears as a shadowy film clinging to earth and stone. When disturbed by living creatures, shadowseed releases a burst of necrotic energy.

Hazard: Shadowseed fills a square but does not interfere with movement. When disturbed, it releases a cloud of necrotic shadow.Perception     DC 10: The character notices that what appears to be a dark stain is slowly rippling.Dungeoneering or Religion     DC 12: The character identifies the shifting darkness as a patch of hazardous terrain.TriggerWhen a living creature enters a square of shadowseed, the growth erupts into a cloud of necrotic darkness. A bloodied character in the initial burst or a bloodied character who begins his or her turn in a shadowseed cloud is subject to attack.AttackStandard Action      Close burst 1
Target: Bloodied living creature in burstAttack: +6 vs. FortitudeHit: 3d10 necrotic damage, and ongoing 5 necrotic damage (save ends).Effect: The cloud lightly obscures a square, but undead ignore this effect. The cloud persists until the end of the encounter. A patch of shadowseed can release one such cloud every 24 hours.Countermeasures     Dungeoneering DC 12: A character can move into a square of shadowseed without triggering the cloud by making a successful check. The character’s move must end in the shadowseed’s square.
     A square of shadowseed (but not an existing cloud of necrotic shadow) is neutralized for 1 round if it is exposed to any radiant damage.

Published in Seekers of the Ashen Crown, page(s) 35.