Shifting Stairs
Level 7 Warder
XP 300

The stairs shift and rock, as though a giant hand was shaking them.

Trap: The stairs in this area are designed to knock characters down into the central pit.Perception     DC 28: The character notices the hinges and seams and realizes that the stairs can pivot and move.     DC 23: The character spots several seams in the stairs, but does not notice any of the moving parts.Initiative +5TriggerThe first time a character steps into the trap’s area, it activates.AttackStandard Action      Close special
Targets Creatures in the trap’s areaAttack: +10 vs. ReflexHit: The character takes 1d8 damage and is knocked prone and pushed 2 squares toward the central pit.Miss: The character is pushed 1 square toward the central pit.Special If a character is pushed into the central pit from this section of the stairway, the character falls 30 feet to the bottom and takes 3d10 points of damage. The walls of the pit are smooth, requiring DC 25 Athletic checks to climb. It is 20 feet to climb to the first landing.Countermeasures     Thievery DC 24: A character adjacent to or in the trap’s area can attempt a successful check to disarm it. Three successes defeats the trap.

Published in H3 Pyramid of Shadows, page(s) 36.