Skystone Field (Elite)
Level 19 Elite Lurker
XP 4800

With a resounding crack, a chunk jettisons from the surface beneath you and rockets upward.

Hazard: When this hazard is triggered, bits of a solid horizontal surface shoot upward, potentially taking creatures with them. The hazard occupies an area at least 10 squares on a side; random squares within the area attack.Perception     DC 24: The character notices an array of cracks running throughout the surface and sees that certain blocks bounded by the cracks twist and shudder.Nature     DC 29: As Perception, above.Initiative +2TriggerThe trigger for a skystone field can be random, caused by the actions of creatures, or timed. When the field is triggered, it rolls initiative. Between the triggering of the field and its attack, characters in the area know that something is amiss—different bits of ground in the area begin to vibrate and twitch violently. On the field’s turn, a random square within the skystone field is the origin of a close burst attack. The same square cannot attack more than once in an encounter.AttackStandard Action      Close burst 1
Target: Each creature in burstAttack: +22 vs. Reflex; two attacksMiss: The target is flung 30 feet into the air, then falls back down. It takes 3d10 damage and falls prone in a random square within 3 squares of its starting position.Miss: The target slides to an unoccupied square adjacent to the burst. If no such square is available, the attack hits automatically.Effect: The burst creates an area of difficult terrain.Countermeasures     Nature DC 29: With a Nature check as a minor action, a character can determine the square on which the hazard will center its attack during its next turn.
     Arcana DC 22 or Thievery DC 22: A character who knows which square of the hazard will attack next can attempt an Arcana check or Thievery check as a standard action. On a successful check, the character stabilizes that square so that the hazard does not attack in that round.

Published in The Plane Below, page(s) 22.