Stone Cauldron
Level 14 Controller
XP 1000

As you approach it, the blue light shining forth from the Stone Cauldron begins to pulse.

Trap: The area within 10 squares of the Cauldron is protected by its magical power.Perception     No check is required to see the Cauldron.Arcana     DC 22: The character deduces the effect of the magical field protecting the Cauldron.Initiative +6TriggerThe trap rolls initiative when an enemy moves within 10 squares of it.AttackStandard Action      Ranged 10
Target: The enemy closest to the Cauldron.Attack: +18 vs. WillHit: 6d6 psychic damage and the target is pushed 3 squares.Miss: The trap targets the next-nearest creature. Do not repeat the attack if the second attack misses.TriggerImmediate Interrupt      
When a creature teleports to a destination within 10 squares of the Cauldron, the creature instead arrives in an empty square within 2 squares of its intended destination.Countermeasures     The Cauldron is destroyed if Moran’s Eye is thrown into it, or if the ritual of Alleshandros (page 49 in Adventure Book Two) is performed within 15 squares of it.

Published in P1 King of the Trollhaunt Warrens, page(s) 25, 62.