Stranglemist Death Trap
Level 10 Solo Lurker
XP 2500

Deadly green gas billows from the candle holders.

Trap: The room fills with poisonous gas.Perception     DC 21: The character hears the hiss of gas from the candle holders.Nature     DC 17: The room is filling with stranglemist gas, a poison that slowly chokes its victims to death.TriggerWhen three characters enter the room or any character touches Karavakos, the trap activates.SpecialWhen the trap activates, a black wall of force seals the room shut.EffectEach character takes 10 poison damage at the start of his or her turn.Countermeasures     Destroy the Candle Holders: Smashing these disrupts the flow of poison. Each has 75 hit points. With each one destroyed, reduce the damage the trap causes by 5 points.
     Thievery DC 24: Disable the Candle Holders: Five successful checks halts the flow of poison into the room.
     Arcana DC 26: Wall of Force: Destroying this barrier requires 3 successful checks to spot a slight flaw in its pattern. Once these checks are successful, a single attack that deals 15 or more damage destroys it. Otherwise, 350 points of total damage destroys it.

Published in H3 Pyramid of Shadows, page(s) 58.