Summoning Portal
Level Varies TrapXP Varies

Detect Perception or Arcana DC (hard)


Immune attacks



The trap is of a level equal to the level of the monster it summons.

Triggered Actions

Effect Encounter

Trigger: The door’s beast-head knocker is used to knock on the door.

Effect: At the start of the second round after someone triggers the trap, it summons a standard monster of its level. The monster appears in the doorway and is hostile to all other creatures. If the door is closed, it flies back open as if the summoned monster had opened the door. The monster remains for 5 rounds, and then it vanishes.


Disarm: Thievery DC (hard).Two Successes: The character removes the knocker without sounding it. Failure (by 5 or more): The character triggers the trap.

Published in Dungeon Magazine 201.