Teleportation Rune
Level 2 TrapXP 125

Detect -

Initiative -

Immune attacks

Triggered Actions

Effect (teleportation) At-Will

Trigger: The goblin hex hurler takes a minor action to activate the rune.

Effect (Immediate Reaction): Close burst 10 (one creature in the burst); 1d8 damage, and the target is teleported to a space inside the rune and immobilized until the end of its next turn.


Analyze: Arcana DC 20 (standard action). Success: The character ascertains the power of the rune.

Control: Arcana DC 20 (standard action; trained only). Success: The character can trigger the rune’s attack power as a minor action once per round.

Deactivate: Thievery DC 20 (standard action). Requirement: The character must be standing on or adjacent to the rune. Success: The rune ceases to function until the end of the encounter.

Published in Halls of Undermountain, page(s) 37.