The Teeth
Level 10 Obstacle
XP 2500

A nearly impenetrable thicket of stalactites and stalagmites blocks the way.

Hazard: This hazard fills the squares indicated on the encounter map. When triggered, the magically infused rocks begin to clash like grinding teeth, attacking characters within the area. The openings between the “teeth” are so tight that Medium and Small characters must squeeze to pass through them.Perception     DC 27: The character notices old bloodstains on one or more rocky projections.Dungeoneering     DC 25: The character senses that the rocks in this area are unusual and show signs of recent movement.Religion     DC 25: (a character who worships the Raven Queen gets a +2 bonus to the check)
The character recognizes the icon of the Raven Queen as connected to the activation of the hazard.
     DC 30: (a character who worships the Raven Queen gets a +2 bonus to the check)
The character understands that an offering of blood at the icon is required to pass the barrier.
TargetWhen a creature enters or begins its turn in a square of the Teeth, the hazard attacks that creature.AttackOpportunity Action      Melee
Target: Creature in the square that is not shadar-kai or that has not sworn the pact to the Raven Queen.Attack: +13 vs. FortitudeHit: 2d6 + 5 damageCountermeasures     Acrobatics DC 27: A character who makes a successful check can move through the hazard at half speed without provoking the attack.
     Endurance DC 25: A character who makes a successful check takes only half damage from an attack.
     * A character can daub the raven icon with his or her own blood (taking 1d4 damage). This stops the clashing of the Teeth and allows that character to squeeze through without attacks. Other characters are still attacked, even if they enter that character’s square. Returning through the Teeth requires another offering (at the font beside the portal).

Published in Dungeon Magazine 163, page(s) 6.