Tiamat Mosaic
Level 23 Blaster
XP 5100

A beautifully rendered mosaic of Tiamat in all her fearsome, majestic glory covers much of the floor.

Trap: This exquisitely-crafted mosaic is infused with the ichor of evil dragons. The mosaic shows Tiamat with all five heads reared back ready to breathe. When the trap activates, a randomly determined head rises from the mosaic and breathes at the largest concentration of intruders. This attack may also damage any of the library’s guardians caught in the area of effect.Perception     DC 36: The character notices that the air above the mosaic is shimmering with energy.     DC 40: The character notices that the eyes of all five of Tiamat’s heads seem to follow the characters as they move.Initiative +8TriggerWhen a living or undead creature that is not Irfelujhar enters the room, the mosaic attacks.AttackStandard Action      Close blast 5; the trap can use any of its squares as the origin of the blast
Targets: All creatures in blastAttack: +29 vs. ReflexHit: 5d6 + 8 energy damage and ongoing 10 energy damage (see below)Miss: Half damage.Special: Every round, determine randomly the kind of energy damage the trap inflicts by rolling a d10: 1-2 acid, 3-4 cold, 5-6 electricity, 7-8 fire, 9-10 poison.Countermeasures     A character can attack the mosaic (AC 32, other defenses 27; hp 90; resist 15 all).
     Thievery DC 35 or Arcana DC 31: An adjacent character can attempt a skill check to disable one energy type of the character’s choice. The trap has no effect for the round when a disabled energy type is rolled for the attack. The trap is completely disabled after five successful checks.

Published in Dungeon Magazine 171, page(s) 74.