Tornado Alley
Level 30 Minion Blaster
XP 4750

When this trap is triggered, cyclones head from the dragon’s perch toward you.

Trap: As soon as the brood mother notices the characters, the trap triggers, and the cyclones continue until she is slain.Perception     DC 33: The dust is moving at the base of the cliff.Dungeoneering     DC 28: The air in this chamber seems far too restless for an underground cavern.Initiative +2          Speed 1d6+8 (Roll at the start of each cyclone’s move)TriggerThe brood mother triggers the first cyclone, which appears and moves at its initiative point during the following round. Each round after that, move all existing cyclones at that initiative point, then place two new cyclones at the base of the cliff, rolling 1d8 to determine each cyclone’s path. If both rolls are the same, only one new cyclone appears that round. If both new cyclones appear in the same origin space, place the second one directly ahead of the first. Each cyclone fills a space that is 2 squares by 2 squares.MoveWhen a cyclone moves, it follows the path that matches the number rolled when it was created. Cyclones can squeeze without penalty and can end their turns squeezed.AttackStandard Action or Immediate Interrupt      Area trample attack in squares entered by the cyclone
Trample: Each turn, the cyclone moves its speed and enters creatures’ spaces. This movement does not provoke opportunity attacks. The cyclone can end its move in an occupied space. Huge or smaller creatures in a cyclone’s space at the start of their turns can act normally, but those squares are difficult terrain and the whirling dust within the cyclone blocks line of sight. When a cyclone enters a creature’s space, the cyclone makes a trample attack. If a creature enters a square of the cyclone’s space, the cyclone makes a trample attack as a free action. Gargantuan creatures such as the brood mother ignore the cyclone’s effects.Trample Attack: +17 vs. ReflexHit: 3d10 + 6 damage, and the target is pushed 8 squares (always into a different cyclone lane) and knocked prone.Miss: Half damage and the target is knocked prone.Countermeasures     Acrobatics DC 23: A character can voluntarily go prone as an interrupt action, forcing the cyclone to miss (and thus taking only half damage from the cyclone’s attack).
     Acrobatics DC 28: A character pushed by the cyclone isn’t knocked prone.

Published in Dungeon Magazine 175, page(s) 41.