Water Pipe
Level 7 Obstacle
XP 300

A sudden suction from beneath the water pulls you under. Then, just as suddenly, you explode back out in a gush of roiling water.

Trap: Pipes in the floor beneath the water constantly cycle through a process of sucking in water and expelling it to circulate the liquid throughout the chamber.Perception     DC 23: A character notices that the water isn’t stagnant. It ripples and froths at the base of each staircase.TriggerWhen a character enters one of the trap spaces on the map, or starts his or her turn adjacent to these spaces, the trap activates.AttackImmediate Interrupt      Melee
Targets Creatures entering a trap space or starting their turn adjacent to a trap space.Attack: +9 vs. FortitudeHit: 1d10 + 4 damage, and the target is dazed (save ends). The target is sucked into the pipe and expelled an instant later from a random pipe in the chamber (roll 1d4). The target can choose which square within the trap to occupy upon emerging.Countermeasures     Athletics DC 17: A creature can intentionally swim into a pipe. Make a successful check to avoid the attack. A failed check indicates that the attack occurs as described above.
     Perception DC 23: A character can find a mechanism beneath the platform on the east side of the chamber with a successful Perception check. The mechanism, a combination of magic and gearworks, controls the intake/outtake cycle of the pipes. A successful Arcana or Thievery check disables one of the pipes (determined randomly). A failed check causes all of the pipes to make an immediate attack on any creatures within or adjacent to the trapped spaces. With the third successful check, all of the pipes shut down.

Published in H3 Pyramid of Shadows, page(s) 9.